D’Mirakel Rejuv+ Alkaline Cocoa

Rejuv is a cellular beverage based on Pauling Mega-Nutrient Therapy, formulated with specific nutrients that help to inhibit the invasion and spread of cancer cells in our body, prevent heart attack, stroke and aging. Rejuv also helps to reduce LDL cholesterol oxidation, improve blood flow, vessel relaxation and reduced risk of clotting.



Alkaline Cocoa:

  • Protect cells from free-radical damage and promote  cardiovascular health by causing arteries to relax and expand to accommodate increased blood flow

Epigallocatechin Gallate:

  • Provides powerful anti-oxidant protection, helps to prevent cell and tissue damage by free-radical. Improves blood vessel functions - protects against cardiovascular diseases


  • Supports production of collagen and inhibits destruction of collagen by collagen dissolving enzymes


  • Helps to relax artery walls and normalize high blood pressure by optimising the mineral balance in blood vessel wall cells

Vitamin C:

  • Strengthens body's connective tissue, provides  anti-oxidant protection and promotes fast wound  healing


  • Supports production of collagen and promotes optimum stability of connective tissue in the body


  • Supports stability of body's connective tissue and artery walls with improved cross-linking of collagen molecules